Retail & E-Commerce

On time deliveries and accurate process planning are vital elements to meet your specific needs and requirements.

The Retailing and E-commerce industry is experiencing a rapid growth and constant changes are the standard, not the exception.

We understand the key elements which you require from your Logistics Service Provider in order to develop your business in this demanding sector. We do this by providing elements like flexibility, a 24/7 operation in high speed, State of the Art Facilities and the newest Technology.

Get in touch with our E-commerce specialists in order to see how we can add value to your business by providing the following range of services:

  • NInbound (Procurement) Logistics
  • NERP integration via EDI connections and/or:
  • NFull visibility of your orders in ‘Rulewaveonline’ portal
  • NMaterial Handling, Assembling and Packing
  • NQuality testing and Inspection
  • NTaking care of your Customer Service
  • NOutbound Shipping
  • NReturn Management