Courier Transport

Flexible and Efficient Courier Transport

Our freight forwarding agents are specialised in courier transport. You can expect easy booking, efficient communication and delivery on time. 

Continental Logistics optimises your flow with flexible solutions

When you need express delivery, when your customers are waiting for an irreplaceable spare part, or simply if you are in a hurry, you can choose our courier service with advantage.

Is time your main issue? Is economy? If you need your parcels delivered by courier service within Europe, our specialised team is ready to tailor a solution to your needs.

We customise your solution with attention to what is important to you when things need to get done in a hurry. Hand carrier, dedicated cars, marking and repacking – our focus is to deliver the service you need.

When you promise your customers delivery on time, we make sure it happens. We keep our promises, meaning that you can keep yours too.

A complete courier solution

Is speedy delivery or economy most important to you when choosing transport? Or do you need a package solution? No matter what your key concern is, we will find a courier solution ensuring you a timely delivery at destination.

With our flexible setup, you can choose the courier solution that suits you and your products. And with our advanced Track & Trace function, you will always have a full overview of your shipments.

We offer all kinds of storage as well as Pick and Pack at modern warehouse facilities. Our web-based management system can easily be integrated with your webshop and/or your ERP-system. This means that you can outsource the entire warehousing function to us. 

We make sure to manage every order and pack it for you. With an efficient warehouse solution, your goods are handled and distributed in the best way possible. 

Highly satisfied customers

At Continental Logistics, we are collectors of satisfied customers. Through our cooperation with the best operators in the courier and parcel world, we can always find the best solution to cover your exact needs.

As a Continental Logistics customer, you guaranteed a valuable experience with timely delivery as we keep our promises.

Courier solutions tailored to your needs

Easy booking

We have made it easier for you, meaning that you can book all our services – across various transport modes – in one system.

Daily departures

With daily worldwide departures, you can always be sure that we will deliver your goods whenever needed.


In a close dialogue, we will identify ways of optimising the management of your shipments and transport flow.


We cooperate with recognised insurance companies, meaning that we can offer you a favourable cargo insurance.