Tailor-Made IT Solutions

Tailor-Made IT Solutions – Modern transport and logistics depend on solid IT track and trace systems. We have in-house IT developers who create systems specifically designed to be integrated with our clients’ technology and markets.

Tracking and transparency

Whether you need to transport parcels, fish products, out-of-gauge cargo, project cargo or wind turbines, we can customise our own IT system to fulfil your needs.

With our IT system you can track and trace your shipment all the way from production site to delivery. You can always see the status of your shipment and the system ensures safe handling 24/7.

All steps in the transport are managed through system which provides you with a detailed overview of real-time information – just book your transport, and we will handle the rest.

With an IT solution from continentallogistics, you will benefit in all areas of your transport from a customised solution designed for your products and your markets.

Integrated IT systems

Our IT systems are customised to fit specific markets and serve as a tool for handling and monitoring every single step of the transport. You can book your transports online and have a full overview of the cargo – we take care of the rest.

Our systems include:

  • Track & Trace
  • PO Management
  • Warehousing
  • Supply base
  • Supply base systems (plug’n’play)
  • POB system

Track & Trace

Tracking of shipments, parcels, containers or a specific vessel is a very popular service. We have developed our own tracking system for our clients. It is accessible for all clients, and provides real time information about shipments and cargo 24/7 The system can be customised to any industry, product and market.

Our tracking system is developed to be accessible anytime and anywhere from your computer, tablet or smartphone.