Technical Engineering Solutions

Cutting-edge engineering solutions to out-of-gauge cargo and project shipments – Delivering profound services to out-of-gauge cargo and project shipments.

Safe and efficient project transport

Continental Logistics is a global provider of all logistics, engineering and project management services in modern supply chain management with offices in 30 countries worldwide.

Our Technical Engineering Department is deeply integrated in every project assignment. The department plays a vital role in the many large and complex projects and shipments that we are involved in.

It is important for us to be able to provide the best service and quality for all out-of-gauge and project shipments. In addition to the complex project transports, there might also be a need for various calculations for in-gauge shipments in connection with ensuring the right lashing and securing, depending on the commodity and specific requirements.

Analysing every step of the project

We are committed to cutting-edge technologies, and we provide a wide range of engineering services such as 

  • Offshore transportation and installation engineering
  • Basic and detailed planning of marine operations including a full range of naval architectural services
  • Qualified route surveys
  • Professional method statements and feasibility studies
  • Optimised stowage arrangements including a full lashing and securing plan

Project Engineering and Management

The Continental Logistics Engineering team can offer various levels of support if the transportation requires a new-built vessel/fleet or vessel/fleet conversion as well as assessment of correct asset selection:

  • Project Engineering and Management
  • Defining Project Specification
  • Dry Dock Engineering/Management
  • Vessel Assessment and Selection based on Project Scope
  • Vessel Conversion or Modification
  • Vessel Mobilisation for Campaigns
  • Newbuilding Supervision (Design and Construction)
  • Stakeholder Interface Management

Engineering services

Transportation analysis

Depending on your needs we will find the right solution for you. With insight into your business, we can set up a solution fitting and improving your supply chain. Our solutions cover every transport mode to and from every corner of the world.

Motion and hydrodynamics

To verify or define the acceleration and sea-fastening design’s reaction limits, we carry out services such as Frequency and Time Domain Motion Analysis, Environment Analysis considering structure and motions and determination of limit condition for weather restricted operations.

Mooring analysis

Various types of mooring are required based on the project requirement. Continental Logistics Engineering has the competencies to perform the mooring analysis and define the required equipment and structural modifications as a consequence of mooring equipment and its location.

Load-out/Load-in calculations

For cargo loading operations, we do calculations based on specific project requirements such as skid load-out (including skid beam design), Ro/Ro load-out, temporary ballast system design and Load-out pulling system design and integration.

Voyage stability calculations

The stability calculations are being performed as per international codes and standards as well as per specific client and marine warranty surveyor requirements. Continental Logistics competent staff carry out calculations on intact stability as well as damage stability.

Structural design and analysis

All kinds of cargo securing design and engineering verification are performed by Continental Logistics Engineering including the transport vessel strength calculations as per AISC, Eurocode and Classification Society’s requirements. We do global strength and buckling analysis.

Lifting operation design

For cargo loading operations, we perform various services including Lifting plans, Rigging, Lift points design, Crane checks, Two-block upending as well as Jacking and sliding calculations.

Installation analysis

The installation of offshore assets requires precise engineering engaged in the early stages of the asset design, aiding the design. Continental Logistics Engineering provides turnkey engineering solutions for efficient operation based on project needs and international codes and standards.

Field Service Superintendents

Field Service Superintendents of Continental Logistics are our boots on the ground. With extensive experience from various projects and different job sites around the world, we have the required skills to secure a smooth and safe operation on schedule and within the cost limit.

By having our own staff on site, we ensure that we get first-hand information immediately enabling us to act accordingly and solve any unforeseen challenges that may arise during execution. This happens in close cooperation with the back office, Project Manager and client.