Vessel Chartering for Any Purpose

Vessel Chartering for Any Purpose – No matter what kind of cargo you need to transport, we can provide the right vessel. Whether it is reefer, ro/ro or dry cargo, we will fulfil your needs.

24-hour chartering service in any port

Our experienced port agents, working at our offices around the world, are all part of our internal network sharing experiences with each other to provide the best service at all times. Also, each and every one of them have an external network of trustworthy partners which is part of their strong local set-up.

You can always contact us via our 24-hour service, and through our long-lasting relationship with worldwide shipping lines and shipbrokers, we can assist you by providing a vessel for any assignment and for any type of cargo. It is a volatile market and our experts are always updated on the latest market trends to provide you with the best solution.

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Our chartering experts demonstrate comprehensive knowledge about vessels – they will always find a vessel matching your cargo.


We have decades of experience from negotiating contracts with shipping lines worldwide. We will always provide you with the best solution.


With a worldwide network of shipping agents, shipping lines and our own offices, we can assist you anytime and anywhere.

24/7 service

We always focus on what we can do for our clients. That is why our clients can always reach us whenever they need us.

Vessel types


We charter all kinds of reefer vessels for the transport of chilled or frozen products. Our focus is to fulfil your needs and provide the perfect solution.


For years, we have assisted with chartering different types of offshore vessels for some of the largest wind farms worldwide.


Oil, gas and industrial projects are often characterised by heavy items which need to be transported. We can help you find a vessel for your project.

Offshore crew accommodation

When working on big projects at sea, it might be an advantage for you to accommodate your crew on board a vessel equipped to service the crew when they are not working. Alternatively, you can transport your crew to and from the project location.

We offer an extensive fleet of passenger vessels for offshore accommodation. The vessels will not only offer accommodation for your crew – they will also provide deck capacity for containers, equipment, workshop and welding facilities. This is a flexible solution offering convenience and comfort for your crew. It may also increase your efficiency as you have what you need close to your offshore workplace.